Grand Canyon Part 2/2

The first days of the trip seem to fly by. Your mind is still acclimating, your body becoming in sync with the sunrise and sunset. You get used to being wet, and the intense necessity of washing your hands. After the second week, it becomes very natural to retire to a sleeping bag, and stop worrying about keeping your electronics above 20%. They're packed away most of the time anyway. In the home stretch, you resist re-entry, but it is... inevitable.

Grand Canyon Part 1/2

The last three weeks have been something completely new to me. Through some magical happenstance, I was able to run the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon with an amazing group of folks. 220 miles over 21 days, on a boat with 16 people (and two dogs).

Royal Gorge / Pike National

A slow drive down to see the Royal Gorge and camp around Pike National Forest. Colorado is a bit strange, going from arid/semi-arid to lush green even at the tail end of a hot summer.

Catching Up with Old Friends

A coincidence of timing gave me the chance to catch up with old friends in Colorado Springs. Familiar faces do well for the heart.

Weekend Camp

Weekend camping up near Gold Lake past Ward, CO.

Bike Ride!

Took the road machine up towards Left Hand Canyon near North Boulder. The roads and trails were largely washed out by a flood in 2013, considered the worst in nearly a century. Into the canyon, there's some reconstruction going on, but many of the miles are more suited for a cross bike.

Brown's Canyon

Did a day run of Brown’s Canyon on the Arkansas.

The Granola Bubble

A run up Boulder’s landmark Flagstaff Mountain, with a beautiful look down at the granola bubble.