The past week has been insane, Homecoming Week. Between "something to shoot" everyday and getting photos to where they need to be as far as publications, I'm a bit sleep deprived. The sounds of jangling bells from mums and garters fill my dreams as the school's fight song simply will not become un-stuck from my mind. "Down here" (I avoid using those two words together) it seems that the entire ordeal is a bigger spiel than our northern neighbors it is meant to be embraced fully. Rather than our weekly football update, here are a few images from the week's festivities.

Lake's class and ROTC represenatives prepare to ignite the annual bonfire.

Senior Mika Tabata (and former DWP Senior Portraits rep) is presented at a Friday Pep Rally.

Senior Mika Tabata is announced at the class of 2010 Homecoming Queen. Tabata, and varsity soccer player and president of the student council is a 4th year member of the homecoming court.

Homecoming King and Queen, Mika Tabata and Nate Otto.


Sometimes too close (17mm on the 5D), before stepping/stumbling out of the way.

Lovely homecoming group for the evening.