Got back in a little over 12 hours ago from a weekend retreat in Livingston at Camp Cho Yeh with the great folks from UBC, featuring Don Vanderslice (V-slice) of mosaic.5619 in ATX speaking and @robwilon + The Rob Wilson Band (warning, SFW myspace link) leading worship. A few images to follow, hit up the flickr for more goodness.
















The gear (and a Oly OM2+Superia for fun). Oh and this found rock / not thumb.

 Cabin fever?

Glory shot of Rob Leading Worship #1.

Glory shot of Rob leading worship #2.

Regular assistant / youth minister's wife Mary-Michele, and adorable son (one of four!) Cade.

A bit of group glowstick/paint with light action.

Instead of a cliche JESUS RETREAT WKND tee, we went with a Tom's Style Your Sole party.


A culinary shout out to @juliejonak from The Ominvore (warning, SFW Xanga link). Every time I encounter camp food I wonder how disappointed she'd be in me for stomaching it. She's an amazing cook, and soon an amazing photog!