This afternoon was a bit of turned tables, Sam is usually on the other side of the camera as one of our AWESOME assistants, holding reflectors, fixing hair, and whatnot. Either way, it was so much fun having Sam and friend Michelle in front of the camera this afternoon.

Speaking of assistants, here's a quick out take from Sam's session and our other all-star assist Mary-Michelle, AKA: MM. (and even more of a side note, if you're in the market for room ambience, MM sells some awesome stuff from Scentsy which smells AMAZING. In the image, MM detects a lack of Scentsy, hence the face. Currently, it's preventing my vehicle from smelling like the typical wet-dog-fast-food combination that I'm used to. Make sure to check it out through this link. Thanks MM!)

Back to the news. Sam, will be my replacement as Photo Chief next year for Lake's Photo / Yearbook / Newspaper program and I have no doubt she'll do a stellar job. Enough words, time for pictues!