Week 10 is always an interesting one for the students at RIT. Since we're on the quarter schedule, we have three terms of 10 weeks a year instead of two of 15, which means three rounds of finals! For me, this means less shooting and more culmination of the long-term assignments.

This week, I'm feeding my craving to shoot silver-based rather than digital - and its going well. Right now I'm playing with one of the school's Leica M6 rangefinders+50mm lens. It's still different shooting with a rangefinder rather than an SLR but all in all an interesting experience.

Coincedentally, my friend Lexi (blog link) had her Polaroid Zink Pogo Printer along in class today. This thing is neat! It spits out a 2x3" print from a self-contained, battery powered unit that uses some quasi-crystal-based technique instead of inks! (In my head its more akin to thermal transfer). Nonetheless, it's neat! By connecting via bluetooth or PictBridge enabled USB, a user can spit out a print quickly, wherever!

Along the line of tangible photography, Kodak was on campus again, parterning with Network North Star to bring photojournalist Damaso Reyes to speak. Whenever the big yellow K comes along, that usually means free (expired) film samples will be in tow...