Winter quarter has been tough. All sorts of new challenges, both academic and mental. For Photo Arts II (one of the required courses in the first year photo curriculum at RIT), our professor, his orangeness Joe Ziolkowski, assigned a 10-week continuing work project that required a weekly photograph made around the same time on Friday. The end result would be an artist's book, presented during finals week. I've compiled a few images from of the book / of the pages, and time lapse imagery of the production of a few panels / a miniature version of the book (and some other stuff). 

The book ended up being 12, 6.5"x9.5" panels of inkjet-compatible canvas sewn together into a strip and rolled into a 2 liter bottle. A 4"x6" mini version was given to the professor, while I plan on donating the full size to some kind of library collection of artists books, if they'll have me. All of the finished pages are available for vieweing on my Flickr (until I make it big and the book is worth millions something of monetary value, or is pawnable.

RIT CIAS SPAS PA3: Assignment #9: On Friday (Continuing Work) from Dan Wang on Vimeo.