Completed: One year at RIT.

Thoughts: Well. Then...


Of all the things I managed to struggle with, being happy was one of them. Fall, I was frustrated with the slow rate of improvment. Then winter quarter took its toll. I'll admit, I approached spring quarter with an optimistic attitude, but things don't always go as expected and some thing really manage to disappoint / test you. That being said, it's summer and time to focus on preparing for the coming year. 

First off, thanks to my support system. Lauren and Lexii, and Joe Z. Each proved to be some of the best people I could depend on as things got tough, and when I needed it - the person that was tough. Comfortably, I can say that without them I'd be in pretty poor shape right now. (Top photo by Ryan Vazquez.)

"Smile, it'll drive people nuts." - Joe Ziolkowski 

Finals week. Oh jeez. Meet my life: Printing, sequencing, failing, and repeating. The one thing I've taken away this quarter is the importance of the sequencing of images, physically. But it gets tiring to look at the same 12 images and expect something new to pop up.

So tiring that sometimes you almost leave with two different shoes.

After a while, your own work begins to wear on you. Everything looks like trash.


I missed home. (Now that I'm back, I miss the Northern weather sort of).


Brief sidenote: This is my grandmom (in Taiwanese, 阿妈, or "ah mah") and Dad skyping with my sister. We haven't all been together in a couple dozen years, so we find our ways. Remember, find the things that make you happy, but don't forget to look closer than you'd think.

 The little things... the one thing I'll miss is the window from my dorm at night. After your eyes adjust (for scotopic vision, thanks M&P!), you see this peeking of light from the lights outside. Sometimes it was annoying because I kept thinking about it, but it was always pretty relaxing.

And don't forget to have fun.