I'm freelancing this summer for HCN (tough industry = less internship), but it's good to be making some (little) money doing what I like. It all feels familiar, but taking into account what $40k and an academic year of misery has taght me, haha.

That being said, it's still Texas during the summer. Crank it cold, on max.


Balloons fly into the air as graduates are presented their diplomas at Clear Springs' Commencement Ceremonies Thursday evening. Opened in the 2007-2008 Academic Year, the Springs class of 2011 is the first to complete all four years at the second newest CCISD high school campus. The class of 2011 has been awarded nearly $6.3M in scholarships, with 94% going on to some form of college, and 17 joining the armed forces. DAN WANG / FOR HCN


Haha, you have no idea.