I'm not the most svelte fellow and things are pretty slow lately, so I decided to take a quick moment to do something I haven't done in years, a quick ride round the neighborhood! There's something to be said about visual observation and the bicycle. Be careful or you'll run into a parked car!

(Went to elementary school here!)

In fourth and fifth grade, you were eligivle to join the "safety patrol," which is... we... it's exactly what it sounds like... well. It is what it sounds like. You'd show up 45 minutes before school started and were assigned to a crosswalk or some corner inside the school, either lowering a handheld flag and "stopping" traffic or shouting "walk please" to some over-eager kid. (The photo above was one of those places.) Oh and you got a sash-y...belty...orange thing. 

Some kid forgot their space ship out on the sidewalk.

Sweat and tears in a plastic bag on the sidewalk, left to bake.

Had the biggest crush on a gal who lived in this street back in 3rd grade. Shucks.