The long drive from Texas to New York.

Lessons learned:

  • When booking a hotel room, ask for one without a shared / common door to the room adjacent. Or at least ask for one away from the loud and rambunctious folks in town for The Drifter's Comeback Show.
  • Trying to make music with rumble strips by varying speeds generally frightens passengers and angers anybody behind you.
  • Despite being Motor City, Michigan traffic is crap.
  • One can of Red Bull = 80 extra miles, but don't drive when you're tired.
  • Indiana's rest stops have the most amount of minivans. 
  • Canadian border agents? Not always friendly.
  • The citizens of Hamilton, Ontario do not like people not from Hamilton, Ontario.
  • Avoid Hamilton, Ontario if stopping to eat a sandwhich on a bench.
  • American Border Agents, friendlier than you'd think.

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