For the Advertising Photography students at RIT, the Ad Project is considered the equal of a capstone project for others. It provides a statement of what we have learned in the first 2 years at RIT and affirms that an investment and commitment to commercial / advertising photography is where we want to be.

Held in the winter quarter of the Junior Year, the Ad Project requires a team of three to complete an image-based campaign that works for a brand, company, or organization (fictional or existing). Historically, the Ad Project is regarded as one of the most difficult things faced as an Ad Student. 

As of noon Thursday, I'll be 99% done with it too. I was paired with two great friends, who not only supported me but put up with my colorful brand of directing and work. By colorful, I mean enough to drive some folks mad.

Highlights of the ad project include: Prop shopping at midnight, awkward purchase from Dick's Sporting Goods, and even sleeping on the furniture outside both of RIT's SPAS Photo Cages to ensure a spot in the only cyc available to students.

In the coming days I'll be covering what we did for the project and even some of the images, but in the meantime I'm planning on some catchup rest.

Oh that remaining 1 percent? Well, there's still portfolio planning/development where we include some of the work and entry into contests. But for now, I'm going to take a second and kick my feet up... and work on all the assignments I've missed out on during Ad Project.

This blog post is part of a series of course work for the PR Writing Course in the College of Liberal Arts at RIT. In the winter quarter, Dan will be discussing his life as a photo student and the many things that entail. You can follow the series by selecting the "PR Writing" on the post page.