Following my first year of college, I went back to Texas. But after my second year, I knew I didn't want more of the same. I wanted a change of place, a challenge, and growth. Internships.

Through some mix of serendipity, a last minute trip to NYC for a day, and some amount of prayer I landed two internships for the summer.

The first was with Quirky, a product development company based in Chelsea. In a very simple sense, Quirky allows people from all walks of life to submit their ideas for inventions and through a community-based process, makes these ideas happen. Quirky opened my eyes to new ideas in business and working with people, but most of all it instilled in me an attitude that is their mantra: "Get sh*t done." By nature the culture of company is impatient, it is vocal, and it does not wait around.      Adopting this attitude has become my work ethic and the initiative that drives much of my work (and lack of sleep). Quirky continues to amaze me with the cool things they do.

The second internship was with Studio D, the in-house photo studio for the Hearst family of publications. Studio D was one of the biggest parts in developing my skill as an assistant in the studio. I learned more in my time there than I did in the combined years of shooting head of them. Assisting knocked me down a few pegs (which never hurts) and showed me that how hard I'd have to work to make it. Hearst taught me how to be a great assistant, and they hold a very special place in my heart.

That's my last summer. I'm still thinking about what I want to do this coming summer. Something photo, something challenging. 

This blog post is part of a series of course work for the PR Writing Course in the College of Liberal Arts at RIT. In the winter quarter, Dan will be discussing his life as a photo student and the many things that entail. You can follow the series by selecting the "PR Writing" on the post page.