The winter break of two weeks has given me some time to look back into the recent archive, for a few updates to the website along with a bit of file handling update and whatnot.

      While culling through the digital file cabinets, I tripped over a few old images. Some lovable, some detestable. The images posted today come from one of a few trips made to Colorado over the summer, when traveling with the youth group from my home church in Houston. The venue (Silver Cliff Ranch) consists of a few meeting places, cabins, outdoor activities, and endless mountain terrain.The trip from Houston to Silver Cliff (near Nathrop, along the Arkansas river) was one made on road. For me, this meant packing equipment for both photo and live production, for 1,025 miles across 18 hours for the week long event as they had no other facilities there. I think at last measure it came to around 18 cases of various cables, speakers, amps, screens, projector, outboard, and... so forth. Fun stuff loading in and out with the only entrance being by rocky outdoor stair.


     Somewhere around my second year making the trip, I had adopted a bit more silver-based photography.I hadn't been making too many images along the way (primarily due to sleeping). We stopped about 20 minutes outside of the ranch for a peek at some other similar venues. Along the way was a sheer cliff and drop off that revealed an amazing view of the mountainside (and some part where a pool was being dug). The trip to Silver Cliff was always a long one, but worth it. As of late, working / interning in Summer has kept me from going unfortunately.


      On the images: Shot with an RB67, most likely Neopan 400 or Tri-X, hand developed in HC-110, dilution B in my bathroom.