The title of today's post becomes the inevitable question at every party, gathering, and event. In all logical cases, it follows the icebreaker and introductions and a question I've worked on boiling down from the dozen hats I wear, to one.

"I'm a photographer in Upstate NY, working on my undergrad BFA."

This is usually followed by some discussion of a relative who is also a photographer or most often, a big shiny new camera they bought. I don't say the second callously, cameras are a pretty key part in image making.

 My specialty as a student follows Advertising Photography, or most things done commercially. Sepcifically, I love working in editorial / environmental portraiture (we'll get to work I dig in a few posts). In the past few months my semblance of an artist's manifesto has grown to become:

"I love working with people with a cool story to tell, in the studio or where they do their thing."

As a photographer, rather a student of photography, the life that entails is a bit more than just Ramen noodles and an advanced consumption of alcohol. During the academic year we also become our own producers, stylists, retouchers, and printers. We strive to build styles of our own and emulate others. At the end of it all, more often as students we are working for what goes on the wall, rather than for ourselves... something I hope changes in the coming year or two before I graduate though. In the coming weeks, we'll be discussing exactly that - work now and what happens moving forward.

This blog post is part of a series of course work for the PR Writing Course in the College of Liberal Arts at RIT. In the winter quarter, Dan will be discussing his life as a photo student and the many things that entail. You can follow the series by selecting the "PR Writing" on the post page.