Here are some things that caught my eye this week...

1. Besides being a pretty talented designer, Dann Petty drops some pretty great knowledge on working in the scary waters of freelance.  Check out his thoughts on why freelance for free works, AND (paid or not) how to be good to your freelance clients.

2. Still questioning setups for recording audio in interviews? Check out this great article from Stillmotion on their go-to, with gear and and setup tips!

3. Eliot Rausch has crafted some of the most powerful pieces that hold no punches and hit you in the gut, in a good way. Commercial, narrative, or anything the way he crafts the story is nothing short of stunning. The Music Bed has an amazing interview on his roots in advertising, and how it shaped his vision as a director.


4. In an effort to concentrate on the written word, I've been looking at longer form web test (aka longreads). Medium has a great article on polonium-poisoning victim and Russian dissident, Alexander Litvinenko. Though a longer form than most web articles, author Will Storr carefully weaves technical information as well as a narrative that illustrates the frightful murder of an honorable man.