Earlier in the year we received the Pentax 645D at the RIT Photo cage and I finally got a spot of time earlier in the Winter to test it out, running around the school with a Profoto D1 monolight and 3' RFi octa. 

The 645D represents a different take to the digital medium format system. It's surprisingly affordable (for digi medium format) at under $10k, and offers a big image size at 40MP, with weather sealing to boot! While my brief experience with it found it a bit sluggish compared to Phase and Leaf systems, it holds its own compared to similar setups that can cost 3-5 times more... 


This shot of Erik was shot on the 645D with a 55mm lens, and a 3' octa on axis and right behind me. Some quick toning and retouching in Photoshop and out to the web!