"Hi Dan, we're hoping you'd be up for it but, we'd like to redo the school's facilities video."


RIT, inherently we like technology. The level of equipment, experience, and services in a single building is rivals many industry organizations, academic or commercial. Repeatedly, alumni hand down the wise words, "take advantage of what is available to students, as you'll never experience something like it again."

And with that doctrine in mind, documenting "what we have to offer" suddenly became frightnengly exciting. In the pre-producton process, it was decided to have on-screen talent, a student, as a virtual tour guide through the physical spaces of the School of Photographic Arts and Sciences. We covered studios, equipment cages, computer labs scientific research spaces, darkrooms, and service facilities in a manner that while impressive, attempted not to scare off the viewer with the breadth and depth of information.

The result was a 3 minute piece that does a fairly accurate job of communicating what is available to students (we weren't able to show a few labs due to time constrain). Rewardingly though, it offered me a chance to really know an appreciate what is avai;ab;e to us as students. Our tour guide, Carol (a real photojournalism student) was a great sport about script revisions, extended shoot days, and nailing the spoken content.

Technical bits: The video was filmed with a Canon 5D Mark III, using primarily 35mm and 50mm primes, with a 17-40 zoom for the occasional room shot. Carol's audio came by way of a Sennheiser wireless lav mic, and occasional mixes of voiceover content due to room sound. A few of the shots feature use of a (very home-made) monopod on wheels for a steadicam-esque shot, which required some amount of work from the Warp Stabilizer plugin in Adobe Premiere. All the lighting was natural/existing, supplemented with the occasional fill card.