The bathroom window...

     The past few weeks between now and the end of the school term have been busy and light on time. Without much introduction, I've moved back to New York City for the summer, continuing work experience before the senior year at RIT.


     This summer I have the joy of working at Scheimpflüg, a rental house based in the Lower West side of Manhattan (though moving soon to Hell's Kitchen). Rental Houses in the photo industry aim to provide the tools needed for shoots and production. Flüg, specifically, provide a wider variety than normal breadth of gear. Normal things like lighting, grip, electric, and camera, as well as production necessities like chairs, coolers, tents, and fans.

     Currently, I'm working in the Digital department, which covers still and motion camera, optics, and computers. In general, working at Flüg has the same feelings of overwhelming gear similar to school, but the goal is to provide a service to the thriving community photographers and studios. Knowing that we're able to equip some of the industry's most brilliant artists to produce content for the world's top magazines and brands is incredibly exciting.

The day is long and definitely tests my ability to pack a Tenba case. Hours at Flüg end with a long ride uptown on the A-express that lets me catch up on some a few winks or contemplate what the gear we've sent out is up to...