Growing up, I was obsessed with cars. Not too out of the ordinary, but I drew them on sheet after sheet of paper, filling countless composition books. The yelp of pain as my mom stepped onto one of many errant Matchbox cars strewn around the living room, was a very familiar sound. Eventually the collection of little die cast replicas cars became lenses and cameras, but the faint spark of car-love has always been inside.

So you can imagine my excitement when colleague, role model, and owner of an excellent head of hair/beard, Anthony Philip Festa, approached me about collaborating on an ongoing work he had been producing. More specifically, a large hot rod festival just outside the Rochester city limits in Le Roy.

I had the pleasure of gathering motion to build two pieces, a shorter to-music montage (that track compliments of the rockin Blue Ribbon Bastards out of Buffalo, NY) and a longer form interview with Jesse Coots, owner of the Old Soul and host of the Hardcore Happening.

The process was a full day of shooting, working exclusively with a Canon 5D Mark 2 DSLR. Audio was captured with an on-camera shotgun microphone (held closer to the subject for the interview portion). Post took place in Adobe Premiere CC (with some mild color work in After Effects). 

Of the challenges, the full day of shooting was the most. While New York sports a much cooler climate than my native home of Texas, even a DSLR sized kit wears on you. Besides that, tracking vehicles, as well as combatting the rolling shutter look... but in end, it's a good change of pace to work. And I got to hang around a bunch of hot rods, what room is there to complain?

This post was written in cooperation of the Multiplatform Journalism Class at RIT.



Longer form: