The past few weeks have been busy, spending my winter break away from school at Schiempflüg (a.k.a. Flüg), in the marketing and online web departments. Below is a  post I wrote for Flüglife, our blog used as a newsletter/marketing tool, as well as whats going on at one of NYC's top rental houses. 

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Going BTS with Robert Christian Malmberg

This post originally appeared on Flüglife. For the original, and more - click here!

Recently, we joined up with Spirit and Flesh Magazine to produce a Behind the Scenes video with photographer Robert Christian Malmberg. An anachronism in our generation of Instagram and selfies, RCM is known for his use of wet plate collodion photography in portraiture. The time-intensive analog process proved to be a beautiful visual story to tell.

Video and Interview: John Engstrom
Camera Assistanta: Avi Grosz
Grip: Dan Wang
Editor: Chin Yew

The setup for the video happened as RCM was shooting. Because the timing of the collodion was critical, we needed to keep our gear compact and mobile (aka out of the way). The complete kit, equipment and three man crew included, fit in one New York City cab.

We shot on the Canon C300 with Zeiss CP.2 lenses. The camera was built up on a Zacuto Recoil rig, utilizing an on-camera shotgun mic for natural sound. The CP (compact prime) lenses are deceptively light weight for their size and are great for handheld work. 

In the interview, we stuck the camera on our Sachtler SB18 tripod, with a Sennheiser wireless lavalier microphone clipped onto RCM. We lit with 2 Litepanels LED 1x1 Bicolor lights. The combination of the C300's high ISO performance, Zeiss' fast T/2.1 aperture, and the Litepanels ability to dial in custom color temperature, we were able to mix with the ambient light rather than overpower.

This kit could easily be translated to a one-man crew if needing to fly even lighter. -end-