Part of the ongoing list of New Year's resolutions (lose 20 more pounds, learn Adobe Speedgrade) - came the generic drive to produce more personal motion work.

Typically, goals should be a bit more specific, but lately it seems like personal projects come on their own. Through the classic "friend of a friend of a friend," I met Larry Moss, of Airigami. One of those things unique to Rochester, Airigami produces large and small scale art from latex balloons. Like the clown at the local festival, but much more impressive.

Over the course of 5 days, Larry, the Airigami team, and over 70 volunteers got together to build a new piece of work, much taller than the imagination could handle.

All set up and ready to roll, photo by Kelly Smart

All set up and ready to roll, photo by Kelly Smart

The interview was done with another new addition to the kit, a Kobold HMI. The 200W flavor, which maintains a friendly (more portable) size, and enough power for DSLR work. I stuck the Kobold in a small soft box, and used the portable GoPAR LED for fill under the chin.

The daylight temperature of the HMI vs. the green-yellowish temperature inside the building wasn't the ideal mixture - though preferable over a tungsten mixture (and the heat of dealing with them too).

Also incredibly helpful was a second set of hands and eyes, compliments of Kelly Smart. Kelly operated the B-camera, used for cutaways as well as an additional angle.


In this case, personal work meant doing something that was just a bit different from the normal repertoire of RIT-related work. The next step? Doing something, a bit less ordinary.