Used to describe a portfolio of work,  either a bound book or collection of loose leaf prints. 

In my case, the object that illustrates four years of learned experience (and a few more of that in in the field) took the work of single prints in a folio box, accompanied by an iPad. Nestled into a custom cut shell, the iPad holds a motion reel as well as a collection of narrative video pieces.

It contains works, most of which were produced while at RIT (though a few from a previous lifetime snuck in). 

My thanks to Vicki and Mark at the RIT Photo Store who generously sourced the box from Archival Methods, as well as the odd-ish semi-velvet hot press matte paper (that seems to have gone out of production). Mark and the student workers at ISL were more than happy to offer some tips on hand cutting the gatorboard surround for the iPad as well as their mat cutter too!

For now it stands a piece that represents a change for me. Multiple mediums, and a different direction in terms of what I want to do, but it sure is nice to just look at too.