Rolling through a mixture of Fuji FP-100C, expired 665 (the real stuff) and anything I can dig up. Mixture of the classic Land camera (auto expsoure, closer to "guess and hope" metering) and a modified 100A with 3.25x4.25 back.

FP-100C in the Land Camera. Specifically the Model 420. These cameras only have ISO settings of 80 and 3000 (the two available film types at production), but there's a "Lighten / Darken" knob, so there's that!


Jason, with a Move Kit about to hit the road for a month. Good luck J!

The single speed, expired Type 665 in the 110A. Lit with a broncolor Minicom inside a 2x2 bank.

"Uhhh could you shoot the option?"