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Behind the Scenes

A hammer and some plans.

Quick "straight-outta-camera" shot from a past still life assignment. Mmm. Hammer.


11032011: Images

Rob, on a Hasselblad 500 series, with digital back and standard 80 lens.

Home, Olympus EPL1, with 25/1.4 toy lens.

(image by Jenny McCabe)

Week 4.

Images from week four. Some work in the studio, but otherwise the general knick-knacks.

(geek details: this is indeed pano with a ring flash. I can dig.)


(the standard inventory of the average studio trash can. A cup from the local burrito joint, empty box of 240 crayons, and some woodland bits.)



Week 3

Week three at RIT and the fall colors are coming in. Some large format studio, some sun, some sky.


Continuing Work: Julie.



Get the flash player here:

Behind the Scenes in the Past!

Right now I'm working on on a couple of images and a new post for that includes looking for images in the archive and I tripped over a few out takes from a setup done in High School! Typically we didn't do anything more complicated than group pictures in-house but I was confident about being able to do a few high key setups of the school's mascot with the end product either on white or for cut out/compositing. We had tested it on green to be keyed out but the tiny little feather details ended up being a problem to deal with, in the end it worked out pretty well! There's more fun stuff coming this week but just a blast from the past for now!




Images from Week 7

That part, in Back to the Future. Oh, just click here. (Youtube Link, language NSFW)


Below, out takes from the Photo Arts 3 Environmental Portrait Assignment (not actually environmental portraits though).