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Busy line.

It's been busy, and there's a backlog of images... overwhelmed. 

Here's the normal. bricks. bricks. bricks.


Winter Week 3

The last week before the Christmas holiday, but will be in Rochester for the duration... Also trying a new format of presentation out...hmm.


Welcome back to Winter!

Week 1, Quarter 2, Year 2.

December, and (fingers crossed, knock on wood) we haven't seen much snow.

now that I've jinxed it... oh well. Here are some pictures. 

Vitamins, for winter.


Time off

Just a few "scans" from film that I just got around to developing, and some digital.



11032011: Images

Rob, on a Hasselblad 500 series, with digital back and standard 80 lens.

Home, Olympus EPL1, with 25/1.4 toy lens.

(image by Jenny McCabe)