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Sarah's Clear Lake Senior Session

We met up with Sarah (who is of kin to one of our other friends, Rachel) for some senior stuff in the ever popular and crowded Helen's Garden. But a great light and fun company are always the best parts of the session!

(Sarah's Backup Dancers / friends find entertainment in some of our lighting gear)

 (We make our own fun.)

Sneaks: Tori's Senior Session

Wind+varying light conditions= a tough day. But throw in an awesome-sauce personality gal like Tori and the aforementioned are all cancelled out!

Sneaks: Carol's Senior Session

For the record, it was definitely humid with mildly warm for our session with Carol, enough for me to break a sweat!

Sneaks: Ambika's Senior Session!

Those are three words I haven't typed in some time (sneaks, senior, and session) - it's good to be back in the Lone Star state for the Christmas holiday, away from snow, bricks, and lectures! Ambika definitely rocked the awesome all over Clear Lake (something I'm sure this future pre-med does with everything).



Sneaks: Claudia, Jerermy, and Katie!

I'm not sure what to categorize this one as! Jeremy and Cladia are both 2010 grads and Katie will be starting her second year in high school this fall... how about just a fun day with great locations, great people, and great light!

*not a couple!